How VANYA GULAABFRESH rose & jasmine shower gel will make your day?

Do you know how a perfect start of the day is important? It will decide how your day will be that is why we are saying that Vanya GULAABFRESH rose & jasmine shower gel will make your day as perfect bath will provide you the much-needed freshness to start your day well. Read how this product will be helpful to you.

What is VANYA GULAABFRESH rose & jasmine shower gel?

It is created with a blend of Rose and Jasmine oil along with Aloe Vera extracts and 100% natural and plant-derived various ingredients like pentavitin and vegetable glycerine.

How VANYA GULAABFRESH rose & jasmine shower gel will make your day

What are the Benefits

  • It doesn’t make skin dry after use
  • It acts as a gentle cleanser
  • It gives a much-needed Refreshment to uplifts mood

What are the Key Ingredients

Pure Himalayan Rose Water- It helps to improve skin toner, provides moisturizer, and is also a powerful antioxidant.’

Pure Aloe Vera Leaf Extract –This herb has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that fight with skin irritations.

Vegetable Glycerine – A natural humectant that locks the moisture and softens the skin.

Pentavitin – Mainly deeply hydrates skin, helps retain moisture in the skin and improves skin texture.

Rose & Jasmine Oil Blend – It uplifts mood, gives the feeling of freshness and rejuvenation.

Decyl Glucoside – It enhances skin and hair conditioning

How VANYA GULAABFRESH rose & jasmine shower gel will make your day

Our Verdict:

I would undoubtedly start with its romantic rose fragrance. This product has a sensuous scent. Using it every day will definitely lead to a perfect start of the day and ofcourse a glowing skin. Basically, it is a cleanser that you can use it on your entire skin. This shower gel is gentle on our skin and definitely worth buying the same. Definitely, the price is a little high but the shower gel is worth that. It has a great fragrance which is so soothing and which everyone will love using it while bathing. An all-natural product that is not at all harmful to your skin. I feel shower gel should be refreshing and it should give a much-needed kick to start your day well so you should try this product this is what I feel after using this product.

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