Ireland For Intellectuals: 5 Ways To Stimulate Your Mind On The Emerald Isle

Ireland For Intellectuals: 5 Ways To Stimulate Your Mind On The Emerald Isle

There’s something almost inexplicably intellectual about Ireland. Perhaps it’s the country’s history with literature and poetry; perhaps it’s a legacy of political activism and rousing speeches; maybe it’s simply the common image of rolling green hills and old towns shrouded in mist evoking an air of mystery and storybook intrigue. Whatever the case may be, it’s easy to view Ireland through something of an academic lens.

That doesn’t mean you can only travel there to study old literary tomes, but if it’s part of the atmosphere, there’s no sense fighting it! The truth is there are several places and attractions around Ireland that can stimulate your mind, make you feel more creative, and generally help you to soak up some of that intellectual air. There are many day trips from Dublin which you can choose, talking about Ireland For Intellectuals: 5 Ways To Stimulate Your Mind On The Emerald Isle. Here are our five ways to stimulate your mind on the Emerald Isle.

1. Browse Trinity College Library

A library sounds like a decidedly unexciting attraction for a trip abroad. There are some around the world, and particularly in Europe, it seems, that makes for excellent visits, however. And Trinity College Library in Dublin is certainly one of them. The collection of works that now adds up to over six million volumes began in the late 1500s, and the library today is a gorgeous place, featuring multiple stories, a famously arched ceiling, and floor-to-ceiling shelves of books (as well as little nooks for study and reading). It’s almost hard not to feel intellectually stimulated even looking at pictures of this library, let alone visiting in person.

2. Read Poetry In County Sligo

It would be hard to choose any one figure definitively as Ireland’s greatest contribution to the world of literature. James Joyce is perhaps the most famous author from the country, and Colm Toibin the greatest modern star. W.B. Yeats has as strong an argument as either man however and is undoubtedly one of the most renowned poets in history. In 2015, in fact, there was a whole year-long celebration dedicated to his memory! Yeats hailed from County Sligo, where the beautiful country inspired some of his incomparable works, and reading his work or really any Irish or English poetry in the area can make you yourself feel like a poet.

3. Write In A Pub

This is a fairly open-ended option. But sticking with the idea of Ireland’s literary history, there’s certainly a common image of a writer – famous, up-and-coming, or amateur – bent over a notebook or scrap of paper in an Irish pub. While this image has been somewhat romanticized over time, it’s also not necessarily inaccurate. Furthermore, though we don’t condone drinking too much (particularly in a place not your own), a drink or two can relax your mind just enough to get you writing your best, in some cases. Take a notebook and a pen into a local pub in Dublin or Cork, and you may just feel like the next James Joyce while you’re there.

4. Play Cards

Talking about Ireland For Intellectuals: 5 Ways To Stimulate Your Mind On The Emerald Isle. Ireland has a mixed history with gaming. Right now, for instance, it’s most closely associated with casinos online. Operators have put a lot of time, energy and creativity into their products to create entire ranges of online games that people can enjoy from their own homes. Historically, however, real casinos and card houses play into the popular narrative of Irish intellectuals (and sometimes revolutionaries) gathering in public places to socialize and share ideas. In this regard, some of the casinos and public card houses that still exist in Ireland’s cities can give you that sense of communal gathering, as well as the general intellectual stimulation that comes from card gaming anyway.

5. Read History In Waterford

You also might consider a stay in Waterford, or at least a long day trip to the area, if you want your Irish mental stimulation to include a dose of history. This is the home of Thomas Francis Meagher, who was one of the great heroes of the Irish Revolution (as well as, somewhat incredibly, the American Civil War). Timothy Egan’s stunning account, described as both rollicking and haunting, is a good place to start, not just for information about Meagher, but for a better understanding of a dark yet inspiring era of Irish history that doesn’t get proper attention in history books. A sidewalk café or some similar public venue in Meagher’s own hometown is the perfect place to sit and learn this history.

And last but not least visit Game of Thrones filming locations in Northern Ireland. so above cover points, that’s shows Ireland For Intellectuals: 5 Ways To Stimulate Your Mind On The Emerald Isle

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