Save Money on Accommodation

  1. Stick to Your Budget

Never exceed your budget you decide for accommodation, don’t fell for attractive offers for different hotels, trust me if your budget exceeds then there may be chance you can be in a big debt or it disturb your regular savings.

  1. Consider an Alternative to Hotels and Motels

There are many other alternative options for hotels and motels , where you are travelling to foreign countries there are some location which have apartments, hostels, suits, private villa, or sharing house options. It may save you your money if you are selecting any of these specially in those locations where staying may cost more.

  1. Join Rewards Programs

A vast majority of hotels, especially hotel chains, have free rewards programs. You can accumulate points by booking hotel rooms or shopping with a hotel’s partner companies. Once you accrue points, you can earn a free hotel stay.

  1. Find Out What’s Included

Factor the hotel’s amenities into your travel budget. For example, a complimentary breakfast saves the cost of your morning meal and coffee. A pool, game room, and fitness center offer hours of free entertainment. Free shuttle service or the ability to walk to nearby destinations reduces your reliance on taxis and public transportation. Some hotels may offer free snacks, complimentary drinks at the hotel bar, discounts at the hotel’s spa or restaurants, and gasoline gift certificates. Don’t underestimate these free perks. They can significantly impact your travel budget.

  1. Find Out What’s NotIncluded

Learn more about hidden fees and costs before you book your trip. After waking up in my hotel the morning after drinking too many cocktails at a wedding, the large bottle of water next to my bed looked glorious. I enjoyed the water, but I didn’t appreciate the $10 charged to my credit card. Also, many hotels charge for parking, which can easily run up to $20 per day in a metropolitan area. Hotels may also charge guests for using the phone, the Internet, and even the in-room safe.

  1. Keep an Eye Out for Deals and Coupons

You can save money when you book your hotel on a website like, agoda, trip advsor or, but getting creative can save you even more money. Before you leave on your trip, do an online search for coupons for your vacation destination to unearth deals and discounts.

You can also request a free visitor’s guide from the state, city, or region’s official tourism office to save money on your trip. These guides typically include coupons or online promotional codes for attractions, restaurants, and lodging.

If you find yourself on the road but you neglected to search for deals ahead of time, there are still opportunities to find a deal. Visitor centers and other locations frequented by tourists – such as gas stations, restaurants, and stores near major interstates – may also have coupons for area hotels and inns. You can also find coupons at airports, bus or train stations, rental car companies, and tourist attractions.

  1. Be flexible with location

Different locations have different accommodation charges, so if you find cost of accommodation is too high for any location you can then also change locations to save money on your accommodations

  1. Travel in off season

Travelling in off season may fetch you good deal for any hotel you want to stay because hotels may provide you good competitive rates due to low rush at off peak season.

  1. Stay for more days

We find there are some hotels who provide good rates on accommodation if you stay for more than 1 night or 2 nights. There are many good offers out there for those who can stay more days in particular hotels . we avail many good offers like stay for 3 nights and get stay for 1 night free. You can also avail such offers in your next vacation

  1. Book rooms with free cancelation option

You never know tomorrow if you book hotel online in which there are no cancellation then you might lose whole amount if by any means or reason your trip get cancelled.

  1. Check for family deals on your accommodation

Always ask about discounted family rates, free meals for children, and an upgrade at check in – remember one thing they can only say no.

  1. Delete your cookies/history

When searching for cheap accommodation deals, use a different browser or go incognito before looking up prices a second time on a particular booking site. Websites store your search data and when you come back they know you are more likely to book as a repeat visitor and will charge you more.

Charvi Shah

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