First Under Water Walk Experience in Bali, Indonesia

First Under Water Walk Experience in Bali, Indonesia

The most thrilled experience I ever had. Under water walk!! We did it for the first time in Bali. Thrill some it was. Sailor’s boat, life jackets,  gloves, oxygen masks and the guide!! Guide was there to explain all the sign languages we need under the sea. Sign included fine mark for all well and also thumbs up and down for going up and down. There was also a sign for if you feel any problem or not well.

After the guide explained all the important information we were instructed to wear all those things they gave us for our protection. Then it was the high time to Move!! Yes firstly the guide took my hubby to go down leaving me on the boat with another guide. After settling him down the guide came up to take and me and it was the most scary moment!! As soon as I stepped down I showed the sign of problem as I was unable to breathe and was feeling very uncomfortable. The guide immediately took me up and explained me to chill and try one more time and then I was all set to go.

As soon as I stepped down my eyes were searching my hubby more than seeing the beauties down there. As we saw each other we felt relaxed and enjoyed the under water walk. There was fences under the water to hold through and to walk in between. There were millions of fishes amd its species. We were given a slice of bread to feed them. As soon as we settled we scrumbled the bread for them. It was a lifetime experience of feeding them under the water.

And While everybody is trying to find nemo we have found him!!

We clicked many pictures, hold start fish enjoyed and added one more memory to our honeymoon.

Charvi Shah

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