Airwander – Find cheap flights with cool Stopovers.

Airwander – Find cheap flights with cool Stopovers.

AirWander is the only flight search engine which offers multi-day stopovers on any flight! It multiplies the adventures and fun that can happen on a trip, by offering 2 destinations for the price of one. Simple you can Hack one trip into two with Airwander!

It is a flight metasearch engine that automates the flight combination to add cheap stopovers to any flight. A perfect tool for all the travel lovers, Digital Nomads and Adventure seekers.



History behind Airwander:

Ela and Douglas the two founders behind the project were inspired during their eight-month South American Backpacking trip in 2014. The flights they booked included simulated stopovers which took days to plan.

Thus while returning they have thought and planned to make this process easier for themselves and for all the other travellers, so they decided to build a flight search engine which they named as “Airwander”.

Development of the app has been underway since April 2014, and QuestOrganzier was released in February 2015. In December 2016 after a rebranding and significant enhancements, they launched AirWander on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt London.



How is this Cheap?

Combining flights allows AirWander to create a simulated free economic market for all airlines to compete for pricing and gives travellers the opportunity for stopovers! It was built by travellers for travellers and is the smartest tool to help you find stopovers that will create savings.

The search engine in its own way makes it quick and easy to know the cost difference of different stopover options. In other words, it helps you find free stopover options based on your destinations and travel dates.


Though Airwander may not be a full replacement for all the traveller’s preferred search engine, it is an excellent option for multi-stop itineraries and a very good fit for all the travel wanderers and nomads out there.

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