Miles Apart, Our love Story Began on WhatsApp…

Miles Apart, Our love Story Began on WhatsApp…

I had recently broken up and was having a tough time getting over it when I had to fly to India to see my Nana. While flying back to spain I had a halt in Finland and while I was there, Nitin messaged me on Whatsapp. This happened around 6 years back when Whatsapp was quite a new thing. I Hadn`t been able to use it for quite some time and was reading my messages after almost a week.
‘Hey Ridhima!’ he had written. I`ve been trying to get in touch with you for a while now. Where are you?’ I Didn`t really know Nitin too well. I was too friendly with him. I had met him in one of the carnivals through some friends, around 6 months back. After that day we had hardly ever spoken. In his message, he also asked me why hadn`t I told him that I had gone to India to which I replied that I had gone to meet my grandparents because my Nana was in the hospital. ‘Oh ! is he better now ?And are you okay?’ he asked. I told him I was fine and that I was returning to Spain that day.
I realized I hadn`t ever given him my number so I asked him where had he gotten it from?’ I met some of our common friends a few days back and asked sanya about you. She told me you had gone to India and I took your number from her. I hope you don`t mind ? he told me. I told him I didn`t. However, I felt a little uneasy about my friends giving my number to someone I hardly knew.
That day onwards our conversations grew. We discussed everything. Tight from what we were having for lunch to knowing each other`s likes and dislikes. We were constantly chatting on Whatsapp. So After a decent amount of time , in one of our conversations , he mentioned that maybe we should give ourselves a shot and try to see if we can be more than friends. I Wasn`t very positive about it and I told him that in light of whatever I had gone through a few months back (my breakup) I wasn`t sure. I also told him that I didn`t want to ruin what we had and I wanted to be just very good friends with him.
For around four months every night, he called me to say goodnight and tell me that he loved me , ‘I Will wait for your answer’ he used to say. I used to wish him a good night and disconnect the call. I Felt really bad about it, but I couldn`t help it. Until suddenly one morning as I was going for my classes I told him to call me as I wanted to tell him something and that it was urgent. I told him that I liked him but I didn`t want to get into a serious relationship as yet and would like to meet him the next time he was in town.
I used to live in Tenerife and he was pursuing his mechanical engineering in Barcelona. We lived in the same city but I lived in the northern part and he lived in the southern part. It was an hour long drive. On Christmas (which was a month after I had told him I liked him) he came to see me and we finally met we spent time together, kissed , had long conversation and got to know each other in person.
We have been together since that day and have completed more than five and a half years together. We plan on tying the knot in a few years once I am done with my study in pharmacy and have a job. He`s almost with his mechanical Engineering and we plan to get our Masters degree before getting married and settling down in life. So a little WhatsApp message gave me my perfect Love story!

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